If your school is interested in joining the family of RSA schools or becoming an alliance partner or if you are interested in finding out more about our teacher training and professional development opportunities, the RSA Academies’ Teaching School Alliance would love to hear from you.

Please contact:

The RSA Teaching School Alliance (TSA) Office – Whitley Academy, TEL: 0247 630 2580 , EMAIL: enquiries@rsaacademiesteachingschool.org.uk for information on our CPDL events and general enquires about the RSA TSA.

Teresa Wilson – Holyhead School, TEL: 0121 523 1960 , EMAIL: twilson@rsaacademiesteachingschool.org.uk for enquires about Initial Teacher Training at the RSA TSA.

Lorraine Allen – Whitley Academy, TEL: 0247 630 2580 , EMAIL: lallen@rsaacademiesteachingschool.org.uk for enquires about School to School Support from the RSA TSA.

Danielle Sloyan – Whitley Academy, TEL: 0247 630 2580 , EMAIL: dsloyan@rsaacademiesteachingschool.org.uk Director of the RSA TSA.

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