Research and Development

The RSA Academies’ Teaching School  Alliance was built with Research and Development at its heart. We believe that effective Research and Development begins with our students and a drive to improve their learning experience and educational outcomes. The power to transform education comes when schools collaborate and an active Research and Development culture can be found across all the schools in our Alliance.

The pedigree of the RSA in educational transformation and research provides a unique platform of expertise to drive innovation in pedagogy and practice to enhance and enrich the education of the young people in our schools.

Aimed at Recently Qualified Teachers, the RSA Academies’ Design Thinking Action Research Project uses a model of action research and design thinking. The programme applies and securely embeds academic research within the practices and pedagogies of classroom teachers. It empowers teachers to become more professionally engaged in wider research to improve practice in the classroom and to then disseminate this across their respective academies. The process is supported by an internationally renowned design thinking consultant (Greg Klerkx) with a range of experience in educational research and design thinking. This support will be across 2.5 CPD days (one full day and two twilight sessions) and one further twilight in the following academic year to ‘reflect’ and measure impact of the actions taken. Throughout the course, there is email and mentor support to ensure staff are well supported without having substantial impact on curriculum time.


Download our RQT Design Thinking Programme-2020-21 Brochure here

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