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RSA Academies’ Teaching School Alliance and Birmingham City University are proud to be working together to provide an innovative and creative route into teaching.  Our Partnership will work closely together to provide trainee teachers with the opportunities they need to become creative and inspirational leaders of learning who will motivate and engage all learners.  Our Partnership aims to produce highly skilled graduate teachers who have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning, which will enable them to demonstrate the highest levels of professional practice.

Our partnership offers unrivalled facilities and excellent teaching informed by research and evidence.  Our programme will prepare trainee teachers to address the needs of all learners and their communities, to overcome disadvantage and barriers to learning and to continually reflect upon the impact of their professional practice.

Our staff across the partnership have a proven track record in training and professional development. In the latest inspection report Ofsted identified that Birmingham City University trainees “leave their courses with a wide range of knowledge and skills which makes them highly employable. Their career progression is swift and they make a real difference to the quality of teaching and learning in their schools.” (Ofsted 2014).

RSA Academies’ Teaching School Alliance and Birmingham City University work closely together to deliver a programme to meet the needs of local schools, local learners and local teachers.  Trainees will spend the majority of their time in school-based practice and centre-led training sessions at specific times.

Central to the curriculum is the study of education, pedagogy and professional practice from both generic and subject-specific perspectives, which is delivered using a combination of practical workshops, taught sessions, seminar groups and individual study.

To complement this is a programme of subject knowledge and enhancement that supports the development of subject pedagogy.  Specialist subject knowledge is up-dated throughout the course to ensure trainee teachers are fully conversant with curriculum requirements.

Trainee teachers are expected as early career professionals to take on significant responsibility for their own progress and development.  A system of professional development profiling is welcomed particularly among those who have completed the course because it sets them apart from their peers in their first year of teaching.

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