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The RSA Academies’ Teaching School Alliance is dedicated to ensuring that the School to School Support Programme provides schools with a significant and extensive level of expertise. The RSA Academies have experience of supporting over 20 schools in the past few years. We strongly believe that the best way of school improvement is through school to school support. Our track record demonstrates that the support we can offer can turn a school around from an ‘Ofsted category’ to Outstanding. We have expertise at all levels of teachers, middle leaders and support staff and at National Leaders of Education (NLE) level. We can offer a variety of support and relationships that can be built on a formal and sometimes informal level through coaching, mentoring and one to one support. The Alliance has two Principals who are NLEs, Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs), Local Leaders of Education (LLEs) and Lead Professionals.  The Alliance has also successfully appointed SLEs covering teaching and learning, middle leadership, data systems and mentoring/development.

Our School to School Support offer

The School to School Support Programme offer from the RSA Academies’ Teaching School Alliance is extensive and bespoke according to need. It is led by 3 “Outstanding” schools, Whitley Academy, Coventry; RSA Academy Arrow Vale, Redditch; and Holyhead School, Birmingham. There are a number of other key strategic partners, supporting cross phase capacity including Ipsley CE RSA Academy, Redditch; RSA Academy, Tipton; Stretton Primary, Coventry (Outstanding); Abbeywood Primary School, Redditch; Hansworth Wood Girls Academy, Birmingham (Outstanding); Aston Manor Academy, Birmingham; and Chilwell Croft Academy, Birmingham.

The school support offer is led by N.L.Es in the alliance who will broker the bespoke expertise required. This may be at leadership level of support by experienced N.L.Es or delivered by S.L.Es, Curriculum Leaders and / or a wide range of other experienced practitioners who are trained in outreach guidance, including Business Management and non-teaching role support.

The Alliance Partner Schools are highly experienced in delivering efficient, personable and cost effective support, having worked with as many as 25 schools in recent years, to secure improvements at all levels. A number of supported schools have moved from Ofsted Categories to “Outstanding” during this period. The time period of support is entirely negotiable and arranged according to need.

Commissioning Process

An outline of the Commissioning Process is available or contact Matthew Purslow for further details.

How to request School to School Support

The best way to enquire about our School to School Support offer is to complete our request form. Alternatively you can contact Matthew Purslow via email or by telephone on 024 7630 2580 (ext 223).

Quality Assurance and testaments for previous work and schools worked with are also available by contacting Matthew Purslow.

School to School

Download our School to School Support Brochure

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