School to School Support

(Comissioning Process)

The School to School Support Commissioning Process is outlined below. If you would like to know more about the process or School to School Support please contact Matthew Purslow via email or by telephone on 01527 585580. If you would like to request School to School Support, please complete the School to School Request Form.


Request made

Request for School to School (S2S) Support is made to the Royal Society for Arts (RSA) Teaching School Alliance (TSA). This could come for example from a Local Authority/Diocese/School/National College/Department of Education/another Teaching School.


Request is received

Request goes to Loraine Allen, National Leader of Education in change of School to School Support Strategy at the RSA TSA.


Work is brokered

S2S Group Lead contacts school and brokers work. Needs are confirmed, and costs presented. Specialist Leaders in Education and/or other members of the TSA team are identified. First meeting arranged and Lead Senior Leader from the TSA is named. This process takes account of: school phase/school context/location & geography / specific experience / working style & approach.


Initial meeting

TSA Senior Lead and/or TSA SLEs go to meet Head or nominated lead from the school requesting support for initial discussion with appropriate senior staff. The meeting will cover: focus of work, expectations for outcomes, funding, length of deployment, frequency.


Agreement signed

All parties sign up to a contracting agreement (including action plan), reflecting the agreed terms for the deployment.


Deployment begins

SLE completes short summary of action each visit. Time sheets submitted to SLE’s school, and that school sends monthly invoice to supported school.


Mid term review

Considers is the support working? Is it appropriate? Any changes? Next steps. Consider if support should continue? If not, a final timescale and exit strategy agreed.


Final written review

Final written review and impact evaluation written by Head of client school. Sent to the TSA's National Leader of Education in change of School to School Support Strategy and disseminated to the SLEs and TSA schools involved.

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