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The RSA Academies' Enquiry Fellowship

Aimed at Recently Qualified Teachers the RSAA Enquiry Fellowship programme uses a model of action research. The programme will apply and securely embed academic research within the practices and pedagogies of classroom teachers. It will empower teachers to become more professionally engaged in wider research to improve practice in the classroom.


During the Enquiry Fellowship teachers will:



an area of research that is of professional interest to them an area of research that is of professional interest to them



widely around this area in order to select a small number of texts to focus upon widely around this area in order to select 



a methodology to evaluate the efficacy of the research a methodology to evaluate the efficacy of the research



their experiences against the literature in a written assignment. This will be published in our own Enquiry Fellowship Journal



their projects with other teachers who have completed the fellowship their projects with other teachers who have completed the fellowship

The process is supported by an internationally renowned research coach with a range of experience in educational research. This support will be across two CPD days (one full day and two twilight sessions), three skype conversations and email support to ensure staff are well supported without having substantial impact on curriculum time.


It is a process that is beneficial to the school and the teachers who participate in the Enquiry. It ensures a culture of research and evaluation of practices within a school environment as well as wider dissemination of the research to the rest of the school through training opportunities. It also allows teachers to personalise their own Continuing Professional Development and Learning and investigate lines of enquiry that interest them.

Our experience of similar action research projects has substantially enhanced levels of retention and preparedness for promotion. Teachers will also receive a book allowance for the purchase of resources to support the project, and a year’s RSA fellowship.


Our current cohort of teachers who have enrolled on the Action Research programme find it a beneficial and productive experience. One has said that:

“It makes me reflect on my own practice and it provides me with opportunities that allow me to stretch the learners. As teachers, we don’t always have all of the answers but we can work towards our own and the students’ potential through research and the implementation of this within our own practice.”


£150 for alliance partners of the RSA Academies’ Teaching School.
£250 for all other schools.

For more information contact Matthew Purslow, Director of Teaching School Alliance

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